Which OBU is suitable for you?

With the following we would like to help your decision, by knowing your needs and business goals which OBU item is suitable for you, the built-in OBU FIX system or the cigar lighter connected OBU EASY to register your road toll.

Pick OBU EASYto register electronic road toll, if:

  • You want to use the system immediately
  • Do not want to pay monthly fee and have loyalty on you contract
  • Later you have the chance to start fleet management services
  • Online fleet management and electronic travelling warrant order opportunity, but e-travelling warrant, reports, search etc. for which engine on signal need, are not available

Pick OBU FIX system, if:

  • 4-5 days are available from contract signature to install the system in Hungary, over 80 partners
  • A fixed, cabled system installation, which is absolutely stable and foolproof for electronic road toll commitment
  • After having positive experiences with GPS system, you may try other extra services like fuel consumption measurement with FMS/CANBUS technology or unlimited text massages with an LCD screen with the driver
  • If you would like to enlarge your  services, like your partners would like to see your vehicles and the shipment etc.
  • You would like to avoid the penalties caused by your driver inadvertence
Webbase OBU EASY
  • fast and easy installation
  • no monthly fee or contract loyalty for electronic road toll commitment
  • cigar lighter can be broken any time
  • possible penalties from inadvertence, or caused by the driver
Webbase OBU FIX
  • reliable operation
  • 14 year GPS base fleet management experience
  • sabotage protection with warning functions
  • expansion possibility (eg: fuel consumption)
  • installation takes 1,5 hour
  • has a monthly fee and has loyalty in the contract for 24/36 months