What you have to know about e-road toll?

At the territory of Hungary the electronic, distance-based electronic road toll system (DTS) was introduced on a total of 6,513 km road sections of the Hungarian public road network (motorways, highways, main routes) on 1st July, 2013, it was called HU-GO and obligated for heavy goods vehicle with a maximum total permissible weight over 3.5 tons.

Is it better than the vignette system?

Public roads development and operation cost a lot for budget. The only financial method is to collect road toll. In many EU countries some kind of road toll system operates for heavy vehicles. In Hungary until e-road toll the vignette system could not raise the necessary amount of money  for public roads. The vignette system was compulsory on highways for all vehicles, and for heavy vehicles some main roads. But heavy vehicles load more roads and the environmental pollution is much more by vehicles than cars. HU-GO system will collect more

This is how they measure it

Road toll is made up from infrastructure and other road related costs. The infrastructure means the cost of road constructions, operational cost of road system, development and maintenance cost, while the other road related costs coming from air and noise pollutions. The vehicle category depend on axle numbers, the vehicle category (J2, J3, J4) and the environmental (emission) classification. The roads involved at road toll was appointed by the related minister and by the collection of road toll the Hungarian Government has designated the State Motorway Management Company Ltd. (SMMC Ltd.) to conduct all of the tasks related to the collection of tolls.

For what the road toll income can be used?

The collected amount by the HU-GO system is the regulated by the European Union. The income can be used only in the public road and transportation sector, will not be part of the national budget. HU-GO system will help the catch up the Hungarian road system to the European union norms, and toll fee will inspire to go on the closest way and more proper route planning.