Road Toll Information

The e-road toll regulation and payment possibilities

The e-road toll was introduced from 1st July, 2013 at the territory of Hungary for Heavy goods vehicle with a maximum total permissible weight over 3.5 tons. For buses – although they exceed 3.5 tons – e-road toll payment is not obligatory, since for passenger transport e-road toll payment is compulsory.

Payment methods of e-road toll are the following:

1.    Fleet management service providers, with fleet management system or with mobile cigar lighter connected OBU items. For this a registration is needed at website, where you need to upload your company data, contact persons and your vehicles. Payment amount is depend on the vehicle axle number, the environmental classification and the length of the road usage.

2.    Prepaid ticket.  It is an electronic ticket, which can be bought at website with bank transfer, or at appointed customer services or at kiosks on fuel stations.


Deduct the air suspension tax fee for vehicles, E-road toll fee 7,5% can be deducted from business tax and transport companies may ask for favorable rotatory loan. The rotatory loan is important since the transport companies need to pay the road toll immediately, but they will receive their payment from their clients in 30-60 days, for this period the rotatory loan can be a solution.

E-Road Toll price categories:

J2 kategória    3,5 tonna össztömeg feletti tehergépjármű két tengellyel

J3 kategória    három tengellyel

J4 kategória    négy vagy több tengellyel közlekedő járművek számára.

A környezetvédelmi kategóriákat A, B, C betűkkel jelölik, az A az EURO III-as, vagy annál jobb környezetvédelmi besorolású autókra érvényes, a B az EURO II-es kategóriának felel meg, a C pedig az EURO I-es vagy gyengébb környezetvédelmi osztályba tartozó járművekre vonatkozik.


The vehicle with 4 axles driver has to pay 110.000 HUF, the vehicle with 3 axles driver has to pay 90.000 HUF  and the vehicle with 2 axles driver has to pay 80.000 HUF as penalty.  These penalty fees are valid from 1st July to 1st September there is a valid provision that in 24 hours one vehicle can be punished once, so if a vehicle do not pay road toll and gets a penalty, that car cannot be punished in 24 hours. After 1st September, 2013 this time limit will be 8 hours, so in one days one vehicle can get more penalties, which the car owner has to pay for the police or the  state authorized Hungarian National Motorway Company.