Privacy Policy

Secret Control GPS Ltd.’s registered user’s personal information will be kept confidential in accordance with legal regulations. If there is a change in the regulations, relating to the processing of personal data, he shall first inform you by e-mail our users. If there is any change in the regulations, relating to the processing of personal data, Secret Control GPS Ltd shall inform all users via e-mail in advance.

Guidelines how to handle personal data

It does not matter in which format do Secret Control GPS Ltd stored date, we must keep them safe. Our servers are protected, they met all safety requirements due to technology, and all data recorded on paper are handled and preserved by the general rules for file management. All data and information generated during registration are kept with high caution, in strict secret, not allowing unauthorized access and cannot be transferred to third parties. Secret Control GPS Ltd is committed to enforce any sanction against a user who refuses optional data supply.

Our company publishes a clear statement before inclusion of any data and manages of users, we are informing our clients about the survey instrument, the purpose and principles. If the data collection or data management does not mandatory for users, we draw the attention that the data submitted are voluntarily, as well as we inform about the purpose of data management and about those who will manage their personal data. In all cases when our company wants to use it for not the original data collection purposes, we shall notify the user and users can obtain the prior consent or we can provide the possibility that they can prohibit its usage.

Definitions relating to personal data

Personal data:

Those data that can be associated with a natural person and from these data the person can be identified. The personal data will retain its quality during the data processing until the data connection can be restored.

Modifying and deleting personal data:

Secret Control GPS Ltd ensures that users can access, modify and complete their own personal data. If the customer requests to delete any personal data in our system, our company will complete it immediately.

Data management:

Data management means regardless of the procedure which can be to take, store, process, delete, or use of any personal data. Data management is meant the changing of any data and to prevent further usage of data.

Data processing:

Data processing method and equipment, and field of application used in the operations of data processing operations are performing technical tasks independently.

Data management principles

Personal data may be processed only with the contribution of the person involved, or by the law or if the local government command it. Act by public interest - explicit indication of the extent of the information - may order the disclosure of personal information. In all other cases, the required disclosure is needed from the involved client, the consent form client with written permission. If there is a doubt, our company should presume that the person did not consent to it. Regulations relating to the protection of data privacy and personal information apply only to natural persons, due to the fact that personal data can be understood only in case of natural persons (based rights and public disclosure of personal data at the law accepted in 1992, LXIII.  § 2, point 1), therefore, this statement takes effect only relation in handling personal data of natural persons. The principles were taken into consideration due to the accepted law in 1992 in LXIII. part at the protection of the public interest in disclosure of data, on the other hand personal data in the law in 1998. Act VI.  on the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data provisions. If you have any further question, which is not cleared in this notice, please contact to us and our colleague will answer your question.