On Board Unit for road toll payment - WEBBASE OBU Fix

Built-in fixed item, enlarged Axle number change switch, only for only for obligated electronic road toll vehicles.


Over 10 orders item further discount!
Monthly fee 29,3 EUR+VAT / month with 36 month loyalty

Package includes the following:

  • Installation fee
  • Shipment fee to the agreed installation location, service point
  • Axle number changes possibility with LED screen and sound
  • Installation of sabotage indicator
  • Supplemental battery
  • Enlargement possibility item (Fuel consumption, CANBUS etc.)
  • Built-in fixed item
  • 12 months guarantee
  • OBU item’s software can be modify or refresh
  • User manual, Standard Contract  Terms (SCT), guarantee paper, and registration number for www.hu-go.hu 
  • Basic fleet management service possibility


  • Electronic road toll commitment with GPS based data push system with the client’s contribution
  • Webflotta Komplex fleet management program (www.webflotta.hu)
  • SIM card fee with GPRS data traffic without international roaming
  • Online tracking, e-travelling warrant, street level  maps, filters, reports
  • Webbase Professional package by signing 36 months loyalty contract
  • Electronic road toll commitment full push service
  • 0-24 Call center in many languages
  • Necessary massages: Telephone voice massages, SMS and e-mail form

Other options:

  • WebControl program access:               +1 EUR / month
  • FloMon program access:                       +1 EUR / month
  • 24 monthly loyalty extra fee:                   +2 EUR / month / item
  • International Plus package extra fee:    +11,3 EUR / month / item

Prices do not include VAT (Value added tax)

DISCOUNTED PRICED item are available only for limited time!
These prices are available on road toll obligated items, which are required data for electronic road toll commitment by Secret Control GPS Ltd., as service provider