On Board Unit for road toll payment - WEBBASE OBU EASY

 It is an electric cigar-lighter (12V-24V) linked OBU item with axle number changes possibility only for obligated electronic road toll vehicles.

OBU EASY prices*:
in case of 1-5 items ordered:         96 EUR + VAT / item

in case of 6-10 items ordered:       90 EUR + VAT / item
in case of over 11 item ordered:    84 EUR + VAT / item

Monthly fee of electronic road toll commitment: 0 HUF /month without loyalty
From stock it is available immediately!

For order please click here: Obu Easy order form

 Please send the filled, signed and scanned order to obu@webbase.hu e-mail address!

 Package includes the followings:

  • Cigar lighter connection
  • Axle number changes possibility with sound on OBU items
  • The OBU item’s software can be modify via SMS
  • OBU item with chargers (12V/24V)
  • 12 months guarantee
  • User manual, Standard Contract  Terms (SCT),      guarantee paper, and registration number for www.hu-go.hu 
  • Basic fleet management service possibility

Services, included in the OBU item price:

  • E-Road Toll settlements full push service
  • 24 months SIM card fee in the territory of Hungary
  • 0-24 Call center in many languages
  • Necessary messages: Telephone voice massages, SMS and e-mail form
  • No loyalty

Optional services with 36 months contract:

  • Electronic travelling warrant sending weekly via e-mail
    3,2 EUR / month / item
  • Webflotta.hu "Past" e-traveling warrant service
    6,4 EUR / month / item
  • Webflotta.hu all services
    9,3 EUR / month / item

Prices do not include VAT (Value added tax)

DISCOUNTED PRICED item are available only for limited time!
These prices are available on road toll obligated items, which are required data for electronic road toll commitment by Secret Control Gps Ltd., as service provider.

*Select payment method:
a) pre-payment (Secret Control GPS Ldt. sends proforma invoice to the desired e-mail address, than the items are sent after receiving payment with the original invoice)
b) collect package (only possible below 6 items, extra postal fee: 6,4 EUR+VAT/shipment)

*Select shipment method:
a) courier service (Extra fee: 3,2 EUR+VAT/shipment between 1-10 items, 6,4EUR+VAT/shipment between 11-80 items)
b) personal receipt at Secret Control GPS Ltd.’s Headquarter in Budapest (address: 1203 Budapest, Serény str. 4.)