Competitive advantages


14 years experiences in fleet management and GPS based car protection systems, Secret Control GPS Ltd systems works in about 45.000 vehicles dependably.


High level of producing, installation and logistic capacity, at the introduction of the e-road toll system Secret Control GPS has proved that in case of mass demand we can produce and install 1000 systems in a week.

0-24 hour

Our Call center operates every day, in 24/7, where our colleagues can help you in many languages.The Webbase Support department accepts your call about fleet management system from 8:30 to 16:30.


In 2009 our company was awarded with the Reliability and innovation award, which we have received because of our product protection, wealth protection, cost-effective transportation and innovation of logistic and for our reliable work.

Everything is in one hand

Our company handle system development, production and operation as well. For our partners it is a favorable since we do not buy our equipments from retailer, so partners can buy our  product in a fair price.

Domestic services

Domestic service system with 80 partners, who can install our system and near to that 25 specialists of Secret Control's own employees. These specialist can travel to your company are with 12 service cars. In six cities our company operates representative office, for your fast and easy customer management.