About Us

Secret Control Ltd in the e-road toll system

Secret Control Ltd was among the first to sign contract with State Motorway Management Company Ltd. (SMMC Ltd.) to be service provider in the e-road toll system. Our clients may commit e-road toll fee with fleet management system(OBU Fix)  or with cigar lighter commected On-Board Units (OBU Easy).

To fulfill all requirements of our Clients, Secret Control Ltd. has doubled  it installation and service capacity, by increasing its domestic service system from 40 partners to 80 partners. We have also increased the Client Service team with experienced new employees to be able to satisfy clients by answering all questions regarding e-road toll system in many languages.

Near to e-road our installed fleet management system has more other functions. Fleet management is useful to help logistics, company leader and operator will know the exact locations of vehicles and helps making decisions about transportation. Electronic fleet management generates electronic travelling warrants and helps to manage vehicles efficiency.

Our company has major position in GPS based car protection systems market, car protection systems has efficient impact against thieves. Client will not only receive an alarm system, but our operators will call Clients, in case any alert signal is received from the car.

With 14 years of experience and guarantee

Secret Control GPS Ltd. is fully Hungarian own company, in 1999 it was founded by  Mr. Zoltán Varga and Mr. László Varga. The young brothers came to the market with a new technology, they seen the future opportunity in intelligent car protection. They were committed to continuous development and innovation. At the beginning 3-4 employees company became a 100 employee company for today. The increased number of employees were because of the new area, GPS based fleet management.
From the total number of employees 12 persons of IT-Engineers working on development of new ideas, and to fulfill clients’ technical requirements. Our company is market leader in car protection and fleet management in Hungary.

Our strength that at the same time we provide fleet management solutions and car protection services with a 24/7 Call center and with state authorities assistance and background. Since we have 14 years experience, we know the clients’ needs so we can provide unique, flexible and excellent value for money products and services.
Our philosophy that client should not gear to market supply, but receive personalized solutions for business needs. Our subsidiaries follow the same philosophy in Serbia, Romania and Austria.